About Us

When we talk about raising funds – whether for business projects or nonprofit causes, creative assignments or life events, urgent medical emergencies, personal unprecedented needs or natural disasters, we need a platform to raise money for such causes and projects. LifenHope is just that kind of organization that makes meeting such needs and unforeseeable circumstances hassle free and come to fruition.

LifenHope is a crowdfunding operation founded in 2018 with a prime focus to provide a speedy and easy platform to help individuals raise money for a number of causes, and to connect people who believe in making a difference by ‘walking that extra mile’ to create a better future for them and leave an indelible imprint on society.

Asking for and raising a significant amount of money to fund a cause is no easy task, but LifenHope steps up to the challenge and seamlessly makes the process easier. Our role is to gain trust and assist in reaching out to make things happen by integrating both the ‘need to ask’ and ‘delivering the financial relief’.

In today’s day and age of high tech communication, promising online payment facilities, crowdsourcing and alternate finance, LifenHope’s enthusiastically dynamic team ensure that ‘needs’ become a ‘reality’ no matter what the hurdles.

LifenHope with its wide ranging network is emerging as one of India’s most trusted, engaging, friendly and effective fundraising platforms. We believe in being ‘one drop in the ocean’ towards helping build a new tomorrow and creating not merely funds, but also social consciousness!

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