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9 year old Chethan battles for life, needs your help

All limbs and lower half of the body is badly burnt due to electrocution from a live wire. Needs multiple operations and prolonged intensive care to save his life.

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Bangalore, India

Chetu, as he is fondly called by everyone, is a bubbly, adorable and vibrant 9 year old kid. One of the smartest kids in his 3rd standard class, he is naughty and talkative.

This was until the fateful day on July 22nd, 2018. Like any other Sunday, he was playing around his neighbourhood till he decided to have a stroll around his terrace. Unknown to him, a live electrical wire connected directly to the main electric wires that run outside your home was lying on the same terrace.

Tragedy struck as soon as he made contact with the live electric wire and his body was badly burnt due to the electrocution. His father tried to save him but he was badly burnt too in the process. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical state, where his condition continues to be critical.

He suffered severe electrocution burns in the following areas:

  • Right and left arm and hands
  • Right and left leg and feet
  • Abdomen and waist area including his genitalia and buttocks.

He cheated death by a whisker and the doctors diagnosed that the electric current had most severely passed from one leg to the next, and in the process engulfed his abdomen and waist area as well.

He is currently being treated at St John’s Hospital Bangalore and has been admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Apart from the Intensive Care that he is under, here is the gist of procedures he has undergone to keep his life alive:

  • He has undergone 3 operations in a span of 8 days.
    • The operations were primarily done for debridement (removal of burnt dead issue from his wounds). If these operations were not performed, the damaged tissue would turn infectious and become fatal.
    • Some amount of skin grafting has also been done that is necessary to cover the burn wounds.
  • His left leg has been amputated.
  • 4 fingers on his right hand, including the thumb have been amputated.
  • His right toe has been amputated.
  • He has had to stay on ventilator support for a few days to prevent his life from slipping away.
  • Daily dressing of all his wounds.
  • Lots and lots of intravenous fluids and medicines to keep him alive.

The current treatment of just over 1 week has already incurred a cost of 2.5 lakhs plus and has mostly been covered so far by help from friends and family.

His parents are extremely poor. His dad works as a day labourer and his mom works as a helper. They have 3 kids in all, Chethan being the youngest. His parents do not have any money to afford the hospitalisation and care that is needed to save Chethan’s life.

Before we end, here are some things you should know about him while he battles for life:

  • He has not even cried once since the tragic accident
  • He is keeping an extremely brave face and telling his family not to cry or be sad
  • Before he goes in for an operation, he tells his family that he will be back soon and he has survived 3 operations so far
  • He is keen to get back to school and his home
  • He remembers his friends at school by name and his teachers and regularly asks about them
  • The only thing that has upset him so far is that he misses home cooked food and wonders why he is not being given any

Chethan is fighting to stay alive and he now needs your help. If the hospital care is not continued due to lack of funds, he will die. The doctors have said he will need a long hospital stay and many more operations for him to have any chance of surviving this horrible tragic accident. And all this needs money. No money, no more Chethan.

This campaigns is over. Rewards
This campaigns is over.
  • Chethan passed away

    With a sad heart, I would like to inform everyone that Chethan finally lost his battle for life in the early hours of 13th August. The cause of his death was multi organ failure due to sepsis shock (uncontrolled spread of infection). rnrnThe doctors tried their best for 3 weeks and he was given the best possible medical care. However in the end, his burns were very extensive and the spread of subsequent infection that eventually claimed his life could not be prevented.rnrnIt is a difficult time for the family right now. However, they would like to thank everyone who donated money for this cause and they would like you to know they are forever indebted to each one of you for the compassion you have shown.

This campaigns is over.
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Every Single Share Gets 1 More Donation

Every Single Share Gets 1 More Donation
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