How to Create a Campaign?

When will my fundraiser visible on website?

Once you create an account and fill up the form, our executive will review it and make it visible on the site

How can I know if some one has donated?

You can check on the dashboard.

Can I know who has donated?

The names will be visible on dashboard, To view email ID’s, you need to login and check for donor information

Should I submit documents to receive funds?

Yes, you need to submit the required documents to receive funds

How much of raised funds will I be eligible to receive?

Please look at our pricing policy to details

How to write a good text for your campaign

The most important thing about the text content of your campaign is to read it.
• Imagine yourself or the person or the thing for which the campaign is being created. Make the campaign a personal one.
• Explain what happened and what money is needed for.
• Explain in detail how and how money will be used.
• Do not be afraid to add emotions and say why this case is so important to you.
• Be grateful to those who read the text of your campaign and may consider contributing to it.
• Make sure your readers and donors ask you to share and promote your campaign.
When creating a text, think about the following 4 things:
1. Divide it. Use paragraphs to divide the text as much as possible. Long paragraphs are read very badly.
2. Use text highlighting (bold text, italics or underline) wherever you want to express some emphasis. But do not overdo it. Everything with peace.
3. Use photos and videos. The story accompanied by photographs and videos is richer and more telling.
4. Check your grammar. Bad English will kill your entire campaign. Leave your text checked beforehand by someone in the Czech language. Perhaps you are also good at her, but strange eyes often see mistakes that we overlook ourselves.
The last rescue circle is we. When you submit your campaign for approval, we’ll manually walk through it, and if we find something that is not exactly the right one, we’ll let you know and fix it together. But the main responsibility for the content, form and quality of the text lies with you.

How to Create a Campaign Name

The name of your campaign is extremely important. It must be said what it is and must take interest. At the same time, it should not be a long text, just a few words. What to watch out for when creating a campaign name?

People who search for your campaign and do not know the address will try it by keyword . Something your campaign actually is about. Mostly it’s the name of the human or the name of the project. This keyword must not be missing in the campaign name.

Is the call to action the title ? You need to put a verb in the name of your campaign. Such verbs can be – Support , help , rescue , stand is for , etc.

If we associate the two recommendations in the example, the title may look like this: “help my child to recover. The name does not include the name of who the whole campaign is, and also the call for what it needs. It’s simple.

How can you promote your campaign

By creating a campaign, your get your own site with a unique address in the form

Besides, you can easily share your campaign directly on the campaign page via social buttons (you can find them at the bottom of the campaign page), you can do so much more. We have some for you to promote your campaign.

  1. Create an event on Facebook for your campaign. Invite all friends and let them have your campaign with you by updating the event.
  2. Take a video. You can add the video not only directly to the campaign but also spread it through other channels. Do not forget to refer to a video on a video. Otherwise it does not make sense.
  3. Ask any of your friends to become the ambassador of your campaign. So someone close to you, who will promote the campaign as strongly as you, and you will hit a larger circle of people.
  4. Share your Facebook campaign and tag your ten friends. Add a message “Share with five others and show you’re a friend” or something like that. Engage your surroundings.
  5. Spread it via email. Send your email to your 10 friends and ask them if your campaign could send each of your campaigns to five, and then to five. As for the good thing, most people will do it.
  6. Do not forget about Instagram. Take a photo of a quarter of the paper that will be your campaign’s address. And do not forget the hashtags.
  7. Connect with artists or business people. Try your promotion at a concert or through a company that can offer a discount on their products or services to those who have contributed to your campaign.
  8. Do not forget to Twitter. If you do not use it, or if few people are watching you on Twitter, ask a person who watches thousands of people on Twitter to see if they would become the ambassador of your campaign.

How to Set the Right Target Amount

At Lift, you are creating a campaign to cover unexpected expenses or to get money for a case or your project. The ideal is if the money you earn in the campaign covers that amount. To determine the target amount, follow the following rules:

The target amount of the campaign should be:

  • Specific – Explain to your donors and yourself what exactly the money is and make a small billing of each item of your costs. The more concrete you are, the better. And do not forget to include your fees in your own calculation .
  • Measurable – Decrease your target amount per percent if circumstances allow. If you collect as many percent of the amount you collect in your posts, you will pay for this. If so many percent, this. With the campaign showing in percent of how it goes towards the target amount, donors will simply see what part of your case they have already funded.
  • Achievable and Realistic – Be realistic when setting your target. If you say too much, donors will just snap that they will not help you with their little gift and will not help. If you have great goals and you really need to get a high amount of your campaign, consider whether to divide your project into multiple campaigns and collect money for each one in each. For example, you want to build an outdoor gym. In one campaign, try to get financing on a solid construction and when the campaign ends, look for a donor for the next. If you have one successful campaign and you show the community that its money has been profitable, people will also want you to contribute to the continuation of your dream.

How To Update Your Campaign

Updating your campaign is proof that the campaign is alive and that it makes sense for the donor to contribute. What should not be missing in such an update?

  • Always thank those who have contributed. Many of them could spend the money for something else but decided to send you.
  • Write what’s new in your case as the situation evolves. Trust with your feelings.
  • Although the updates include only a text editor, you can still add photos and videos to your campaign’s main text and warn them about updates.
  • Comment the campaign in Facebook comments directly on the campaign page
  • And ask people again to help you promote your campaign. This is the most important thing.

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