Before using the services of the web portal of company lifenhope, with its registered office at Bangalore, No 27, D and F Block, Anglo Indian Colony, Austin Town, Bangalore 560047, please read these terms and conditions between the users of the portal and the company “lifenhope”

By creating a campaign on our portal and financially supporting individual campaigns, you agree and comply with these terms and conditions.

Description of the service

The Lifenhope serves for the creation of campaigns by both individuals and NGOs, which aim to raise money to help the one in need. Each Fundraiser has his own page created through the portal through which individual donors can contribute to the campaigns. Campaigns are created in one of the categories of the portal and each campaign passes through the manual approval process by the portal administrators

The campaign lasts until you raise funds for the specified amount or for the specified days mentioned by you while creating the campaign. The amount can be collected as an when the funds are collected, However, the applicable fees are deducted from it for Individuals it is 4% and for NGO’s is 7%. As Payment gateway charges we will be deducting 3% of the total funds collected in addition to it, GST will be charged.

Explanation of terms

Project – Another expression for the campaign. Creating a standalone page on the portal through which the builder receives of financial contributions from donors for  the campaign period. Each campaign is based on the appropriate category on the portal. 

Donor – A person who contributed or intends to contribute to an individual campaign.

User – Any visitor to the portal

Target Amount – Amount set by the creator in your campaign as the target you want to choose. However, this amount may not be reached and may be exceeded.

Charges – Charges are deducted from the total amount collected after Campaign period and include a commission of 4% of the total amount plus GST. Additionally, fees for individual bank transactions from each post, and finally an administrative fee. The current amount of these fees is listed in the Price List. Terms of use 

Age Eligibility – Project makers must be at least 18 years old. Creating a project and contributing to a project is tied to registration on the portal, which users agree to terms and conditions. The project creators are required to provide all the required data. The user is required to password protect his / her account and prevent third party account from being used. The operator is not responsible for any abuse of the user’s account. In case of suspicion of misuse of the account, the user must inform the operator immediately at “

Violation  – Lifenhope is entitled to block the account of the fundraiser who violated the regulations in case of violation of these regulations.

Amends – An approved campaign may be edited after its release. Any bugs in the text may be fixed and other campaign details and the campaign can be updated through the relevant buttons in the campaign. What cannot be changed after publishing is the amount of the target amount. In the event of a breach of this provision by the fundraiser, the campaign may be canceled and the selected contributions are returned to the donors.

Creating a campaign must only serve the purpose for which the portal is intended and must fall into one of the categories for the campaign on the portal.

Create and run a campaign – The Lifenhope allows the fundraiser to create their own presentation of their campaigns here, and through this presentation to receive donor funding. However, they may not offer any form of reward as a consideration. At the moment the campaign is sent by the creator for approval, a contract governed by these terms and conditions is established between the fundraiser and the company. The Lifenhope reserves the right not to publish any campaign without giving any reason. The creator will be informed by e-mail about the campaign’s disapproval.

Cancel Campaign – The fundraiser is not limited to the amount of the selected amount, and the financial contributions he / she can make within specified period are deducted from his / her fees. If the amount of the contributions received does not cover the amount of the administrative fee, the creator is obliged to pay these costs to the operator or may cancel the project and the received contributions are returned to the donors. The builder is required to reimburse donors for refunds that have been deducted from transaction fees for the payment gateway. 

Fundraiser – Fundraiser are fully responsible for their campaigns, particularly for providing accurate and non-verbal information and meeting all the commitments in the listing of any campaign they create. The operator does not look at the content, quality, performance or accuracy of any of the campaigns presented on the portal. Any dealings with any user or any third party found through the Portal are conducted exclusively between the creators of the project and those users or third parties.

Damage or loss suffered– The Lifenhope is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered as a result of interactions between the user, donors, third parties and campaign creators, or the activities of fundraiser, and any other terms, warranties, or statement related to the campaign listings on the operator portal. After the end of the campaign, the operator hand over the list of names and emails of all donors if requested. 

Donor – At the time the donor gives the campaign his financial contribution, he declares that he is adhering to these terms and conditions.

The donor agrees to provide all details necessary for payment and its possible return and further agrees that the data provided by the creator will be provided to the extent necessary for the payment of the respective remuneration.

The donor may choose to remain anonymous before donating his or her contribution.


Contributions are made via the payment gateway of “FonePaise” or transfer from an account.

Donor payment information is protected by banks’ payment systems, and the company does not have access to these data. The payment gateway from the relevant bank only receives transaction information.

If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us on “” as soon as possible, at the above address. We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect. 


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